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Algebra is considered as the queen of mathematics
because there is no other subject in which you
admire the beauty of mathematics.
Let's commence with few questions from our daily
Q: Sum of two numbers is 35 and their difference is 13. Find the numbers
Ans: This is just a logical question.
We need 2 numbers whuch when added gives 35 and subtracted gives 13.
Since we do not know the numbers assume the numbers as x and y.
from the conditions given we can write
x+y = 35 ----------->(1)
x-y=13 -------------->(2)
Can you observe something from these equations. Yes, we need to find out the unknown numbers one by one.
How to do that?
Just add equation (1) and (2)
The LHS (left hand side) of the equation gives 2x and the right hand side gives 48. Mathematically,
2x = 48
Therefore, x=48/2 =24
Similarly by subtracting (2) from (1), we get
2y = 22
Therefore y=11.
Try out the following questions and send if you obtain the answers or come across any trouble while doing these problems or if you need any clarification or explanations regarding this topic.
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Q.1: 4 chairs and 3 desks cost $ 10. 5 chairs and 2 desks cost $ 8.
Find the cost of chair and desk separately.
Q.2: 37 books and 53 pens together cost Rs 320 while 53 books and 37 pens together cost Rs 400.
Find the cost of a pen and a book.


Mathematics is not a difficult subject.
If you feel mathematics as a difficult subject it is because of three major reasons,
1. You have made a prejudice in mind that Mathematics learning is like chewing an iron rod.
2. You have not understood the concept and you apply the mugged formula blindly without even thinking the logic of the question.
3. You dislike the behaviour of your maths tutor which in turn makes sitting in his/her class boring. This made the subject also difficult.

These three major problems are going to be obliterated by me with the help of this blog. First of all let me make you understand that mathematics is not at all a boring subject. Just like a kid tries to walk;in the initial attempts you may falter but once you succeed, you start expedising the world of mathematics.